About Us

Pastor and Mrs. ZenkerThank you for visiting our website. With all the churches available, we appreciate you taking the time to read about the ministry here in Rowley Regis. Beeches Road Baptist Chapel is a church in the Black Country near Birmingham , England. Our church began in the autumn of 2006 in a historic chapel building built in the Victorian era. We have been blessed to see many young people and adults come and join us in our desire to glorify God and evangelize our community. As the pastor, my wife and I are so blessed to be a part of what the Lord is doing in our community and especially in our church. I think the best way to understand more about our church, is to visit us in person. If you would like to know more about why we are here and what we attempting to do, I hope the following comments will help.

OUR GOAL- Our goal must be nothing less than the glory of God. As those who have been saved by the grace of God, we believe that our entire lives are to bring glory to God in all we do. A Christian should seek to live a holy life and this is also how we are to worship the Lord- in the beauty of holiness. The glory of God demands that we serve him his way, not our way. Living the faith life on a daily basis is the only way to glorify God with our lives. Pray with us that we will see God’s glory actively demonstrated in the lives of each of our members.

OUR FOUNDATION – A church is only as solid as the foundation it is built upon. Personality, tradition, creeds and dogmas change with the years, but God’s Word remains the same through every generation; this is why our church is based on the clear and systematic preaching and teaching of scripture. There is no better foundation upon which to build our lives than the solid foundation of the Bible. We only grow as Christians when we study God’s word and obey it. Our desire is to faithfully and fervently preach the truths of scripture so that we may not only understand what each passage means, but apply it to our daily lives that we may grow in Christ.

OUR DESIRE – Simply put, we desire to see a growing, giving and going church established and multiplying in the heart of England . The New Testament church was simple and powerful. Dependence on the Holy Spirit and obedience to God’s Word, will, we believe, bring us to the place where we are growing spiritually and numerically. Giving is a result of abiding in Christ. Those who love God are giving people. We desire to use our talents and finances to further the kingdom of God here in the United Kingdom and around the world. Christ commanded his followers to preach the gospel to every creature. May God help us have a part in reproducing individual Christians and also other Bible believing Baptist churches throughout Britain .

OUR GRATITUDE – We thank the Lord that he has enabled us to see a church established here in the Midlands . Just a few years ago when this began, we started from scratch as no one attended on a regular basis. In the months since, we have seen the mighty hand of God work in the hearts of so many people who are now a real part of our church family. Our Sunday School has grown, as well as our church attendance and we give God all the glory for it! Families that have come to Christ and seen amazing changes in their lives are now reaching others with the gospel they have recently received. So many have encouraged and helped us that we feel it the privilege of our lives to be a part of what God is doing at Beeches Road Baptist Chapel.

I do hope that you will find our website helpful. Please visit often as we plan to update it frequently. May the Lord bless you and guide you.

Pastor James Zenker